For Mother


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you think I am strong
or confident or tough.
Look at my mother

We speak softly, deliberately and carry big sticks
Because we must go far
and do more
and be more
we are denied what can easily come to us
so we can strive to get all that is owed us
would not, should not, cannots fizzle away in the dust of hard work

Be everything
Become everything
Be nothing

Thats our example





Hi, my name is Bob Scotch and I’m pretty nervous now so please go easy on me.

Well! I’m Ghanaian from the southern part of Ghana. At the age of six, I had travelled far and wide with my parents around the globe. My father was in the United States Navy and my mother was for many years a dancer. What’s more shocking, she was a primitive and cultural one. By the age fifteen years I had visited at least ten countries in Europe, four in Asia, fifteen in Africa and three in the Americas. I don’t intend to blow my trumpet – but hey someone has got to blow it! Now, at the age of thirty-six I sit at my study table, lonely in the lone hours of the day, as the newly elected Secretary –General of the United Nations, with five adorable sons and…

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On Leaving

Let’s never say goodbye

Goodbyes pregnant with dreams and desires

Heavy with what ifs and maybe

Let’s never say goodbye

Exchange finals hugs or tight squeezes

Sharing warmth for a fleeting moment

Let’s never say goodbye

Never, ever


Let’s say hello

Hellos lightened by the burdens of tomorrows

Filled with joyful what ifs and maybes


Of Mice and Men and Goats of course


Tales are told of men of old

Four feet tall with dreams ten feet deep

Men of great stature and wit

Men who stuttered with eloquence

Who chased audacious dreams with eyes wide open

Feet out stepping on walks to freedom

Balding heads with diplomatic nods and handshakes that won freedom for continents of people

Setting the pace for peace, reconciliation and forgiveness

Whispers are heard of great men of yore

Ten feet tall with dreams stomach deep

Men of great utterance and cynic

Men whose lips drips with broken promises

Who chase elusive ideals of utopic misery

Flying across continents caps in hand

Deceased herbivores with speeches extempore and hands wrung out for all its futility

Mortgaging the futures of those beautiful ones yet unborn


Indeed God has been good. Do not allow the cruel harmattan winds of sorrow, hopelessness or self- pity steal your praise. The year is still young,He that has brought you this far, He is able to carry you through! HALLELUYAH

Enoch Kingsley Quaye

It’s quiet strange that my personal theme for the year 2015 is “Imagine Me!” and i have a nice picture from Qlicks by Kwame Genesiz to constantly remind and help me envision the me God wants  me to be.

Barely 10 days into the new year, Naa Lamiley Plange from no where comments on an old pic i posted on my Facebook in 2008.I remember when i took that picture, almost as if it was yesterday.Growing up, i never fancied taking pictures but on that day i decided to take a picture after the Sunday morning Pope John porridge with bread and butter. So i got the wrist-watch from a friend ( Oh no, it wasn’t mine LOL ), found the photographer and stood alert ready to get my image eternalized. But you see, i didn’t have a lot of experience with these things so the pose was a bit…

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My first meta post- This is not a cop out :D

Oh charle! so I haven’t been able to post for the past few days. I could go for the very valid very Ghanaian reason of dumsor interfering, but I won’t do that yet.

The real reason I haven’t been around is because, I am preparing for examinations which are right around the (weekend) corner. (I was doing that thing where you mentioned dates and did not really check the calendar until you realise the far- away- sounding 1st- December is actually next week. I am spending so much time on it that irrespective of the time I get home, my first point of call is bed (with the intention of waking up later to continue), buuuut as you can tell, that has not happened. I can not make any promises this week. (Honestly, the creative juices are all engrossed in understanding WACC, the cost of capital, learning curves and so on and so forth.) But let’s see what happens.

All the best to you, please wish me well and pray for me.