The Silent Schmoozer

Back in the day Ghana had only one channel- Ghana Television Network (GTV).
Established in 1965 and managed by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC)
Like anything new Ghanaians loved the network and the fact that it was the nation’s made them cherish it all the more.
As the years went by private stations sprung up, adding variety and providing consumer sovereignty along with the added advantage of competition which meant quality services for the people.
The state channel could rub shoulders and claim it was the best with its unparalleled reach to the hinterlands.

THE NATION’S HEARTBEAT, the slogan then (now PULSE OF THE NATION) held true as every Ghanaian home almost always left the dial on the network. GTV could boast of the highest rating as its broad range of educative and fun programmes captivated its audience and held them glued to their seats.
Programs likeby the fireside…

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