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We’ve been had! I tell you. Had!
By those fancy seniors who came to visit us in school with long weaves and short skirts!
By those tall dark and handsomes with flashy watches and burgher jewelry
By those grown- up siblings with their moving out and weekend visits
We gazed in awe as they sagely said “When you grow up”

We were had
By those “motorway” grins and cheers of “You’re a big boy!”
When our milk teeth fell out
By the rush of being able to say JHS 1 instead of Class 6
Marked by our debonair refusal to play Ampe
By the Eto prepared at the first menarche
“Now my daughter, you’re a woman”
By the purchase of the chop box, the rounds of family visit, the hugs, the advice, “study hard okay!”
By the beatings received from senior boys, because they were there before us
By the new swag, new swing, new everything freshman year
The girls, the booze, the games, the shoes

Had! I say
Some quicker than others.
First love lost
Old friends dropped,
First class gone
Burnt out on job
Haunted by the long weaves and short skirts
Flashy watches and burgher jewelry
Moving out and weekend visits
We’ve been had.