The world woke up on the dawn of May 22nd with mixed feelings. May 21st the stipulated end of days had passed, the sun had risen,the tides had come in and life was going on as usual. This is not the first time the end of days has been reliably predicted and it has been a no show. The great planetary alignments that will throw the tides out of sync causing them to crash onto the land, the second ice age,Y2K, and all types of cataclysmic and catastrophic upheavals of the earth that bring with it a sudden and decisive end to the world. All this is all the more highlighted by Hollywood’s love affair with doomsday themes, 2012, Knowing, Waterworld, and The Day After Tomorrow being a few examples.

Doomsday prophets draw their conclusions based on various variables and go to great lengths to publicize them. Nostradamus, the extinct Mayan civilization, Harold Camping, the National Sunday Law.The failure of these doomsday prophesies have led to several unpalatable effects. Doomsday cult members have been murdered in cold blood by their spiritual leaders, doomsday cult members had parted with properties, jobs, spouses. Some have even gone as far as to persecute torture and kill people who are not members of the cult. Recently in Russia, a doomsday cult holed up in a cave because they were expecting an asteroid to crash into the earth. The cave was their only hope of survival. By the time they were coaxed into coming out, a few people had died of starvation whilst in the cave. In one instance, the cult members collectively committed suicide by drinking poisoned wine for the last supper. Let us not forget the suicides that accompanied the last doomsday scare.

What most people fail to realize is that doomsday occurs for those who believe in it. Every sect, religious group has its own expectations concerning the end of the world. Whether it is the collision of this planet with another, or the melting of polar ice caps, the fact still remains that deep down, we are aware that this party will end. Unlikely as it might seem, the end of the world for one group does not necessarily mean the end of the world for everybody else. What is of the essence is that you know what to expect and believe in it so that you are not thrown into a panic every time somebody has a very vivid dream.

The world ends for somebody somewhere every second of everyday. Somebody dies every minute. Whether the death was expected or it was sudden, life is snuffed out, that person’s world has come to an end. The most important thing is to make this period worth the world’s while, make a difference for we never know the hour or the time, for our Lord comes swiftly as a thief at night. Know what you believe. Be sure of it.